The Apple Watch is more than just a device that tells you what time it is. It is a utility tool that helps regulate your health, unlock and configure your paired Apple devices from a certain distance and simply looking fashionable in a technological sense. But, is buying an Apple Watch truly worth it? We will take a deeper look into the Apple Watch to see if the high price is valuable enough.

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What is the Apple Watch? 

The Apple Watch made its debut back in 2015 – the same year when Samsung announced a brand-new Samsung Galaxy Watch. It was an exciting time for Mac users because, according to Apple’s showcase, the watch will feature small apps that help in physical exercises along with some quick fix apps like a calculator and a notepad. It’s more than a watch – it is a tool. With this tool, you don’t even need to bring out your iPhone, iPad or even Mac because the smaller things can be handled by the Watch.

Currently, all functioning Apple Watch models run with the WatchOS 7.

What is the Best Watch to Buy Right Now? 

Currently, there are 7 versions of the Apple Watch – with the latest two models as Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE. Both are great but you might want to know the differences between the two. We’ve already made a comparison between the two watches to show you their differences.

In summary, the Apple Watch 6 is the most complete and advanced Watch that they have built; complete with heart and blood oxygen apps, deep water resistance and an overall faster performance than any watch they have ever released since 2015. Also, it is considered the most expensive smart watch right now on the market.

On the other hand, you have the Apple Watch SE – which is basically the same as Apple Watch 6 minus the blood oxygen and ECM apps. It also uses a standard display instead of the always-on retina display of the Apple Watch 6 but in general, they’re the same in terms of size, the GPS system, number of basic apps and sturdiness. This watch is more in favor of younger and more casual users.

We also want to take note about the Apple Watch 3. Arguably, it still runs better than the Apple Watch 4 and 5 and is considered the cheapest in the market right now. The Apple Watch 1 and 2 are already obsolete at this point, so the most reasonable model to buy if you are on a budget is the Apple Watch 3.

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Apple Watch vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 

Right now, the most competitive watch against Apple is Samsung’s very own Galaxy Watch. It is basically an Android watch which features a circular size – just like a traditional watch – in contrast with Apple’s square design. Both functions are eventually the same except that the apps are significantly different.

Some may argue that the Apple Watch is more for the casual users while the Galaxy Watch is for more tech-savvy users who want more than enough utilities in one wrist device.

In the end, of course, the Galaxy Watch is a much cheaper option than the Apple Watch – similar to the standard market of Apple products being more expensive than Android products.

Is It Worth Buying the Apple Watch? 

To return to your question, yes. If the features written above entice you, then there’s no reason to be hesitant about having an Apple Watch. You will just have to select between the three: Apple Watch 6 – if you want the most advanced smart watch right now, Apple Watch SE – if you prefer a more casual yet still advanced smart watch – or the Apple Watch 3 – if you decide to get a more budgeted choice.